Education for Indigent Girls (EFIG) in Africa


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Tel. 020 8567 1638
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Dear Sponsor

We appreciate your willingness to sponsor a girl child in Africa. This humanitarian gesture is highly commendable. The Charity for the “Education of Indigent Girls (EFIG) in Africa” co-ordinates this project. EFIG is entering its fourth year of operation and it is run exclusively for girls through various fund-raising activities.
The sponsorship scheme is restricted to girls only between the ages of 4 – 16
If you prefer to sponsor a boy we shall refer your request to another charity with that remit.

For your monthly contribution of 10 (or more, depending on the age), you will pay for the following needs of the child:-

  1. School fees
  2. School uniforms
  3. School meals
  4. School books
  5. Medical attention
  6. Examination & results fees
  7. Holiday school and excursions
  8. Administrative costs and volunteers expenses

These are pictures of some of the girls who need sponsorship


(Already sponsored)

Accounts are strictly kept and various records maintained. Donors and sponsors get yearly progress reports of individual child and of the Project as a whole.

You may pledge to sponsor a child wholly by yourself or jointly and for as long as you wish or until the child is 16 .or above if she enters higher education and if you are willing.

Please send the completed sponsorship form to the above address and the tear-off slip below to your Bank.

Thank you.

For any further information please contact any of the undersigned.

God bless you.

Rev. David Brammer
Chairman EFIG

Gladys Simeon LL.B
Director/Founder EFIG