Education for Indigent Girls (EFIG) in Africa


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Activities Carried Out Abroad for “Education for Indigent Girls (EFIG) in Africa” is a Charitable Organisation Promoting the Education of Poor African Girls (Age 5-16 Years)

Overseas Visits in 2005 to Portharcourt, Nigeria

  1. Negotiated successfillly concession rate to fly by Virgin Atlantic donated charily second-hand goods
  2. Organised Xmas Party, for EFIG beneficiaries, their families and friends and launched the Charity with the official name of "Education for Indigent Girls (EFIG) in Africa" -EFIG for short.
  3. Recruiting Overseas Co-ordinator, Mrs Florence Ene, who is a lawyer and a team of volunteer workers including Mrs Calhy Davies, (wife of a British oil engineer), who helped with keeping the books. Cathy has since moved to the U.K. and EFIG Nigeria lost her services. 5 girls qualified for sponsorships from EFIG

    Children were very happy with their Christmas party and liked the gifts donated to them from the U.K Pictures taken which were shown to the U.K for supporters.

    At ASABA town Nigeria Held consultation meetings with appropriate individuals in the community about the aims and objectives of the charity for the education of poor girls (aged 4-16) Made contacts with existing charities in the town. Recruited a volunteer Co- ordinator A trained teacher, Mrs Nneka Okoluko is the wife of Doctor Peter Okoluko who was happy to join the team. Mrs. Okoluko has since been transferred away from Asaba and so EFIG is put on hold.

    2 girls were selected to benefit from the charity lost our support. We hope to reestablish EFIG at Asaba in filture.

Overseas Visit and activities at 2006 to Portharcourt

Ten girls are now beneficiaries.

Cooked school meals provided daily as part of the charity objective. Photos taken of girls at their school lunch and with new school uniforms.

Taking care of their health became an issue to be considered and undertaken by the Charity. The programmes that are put in place are working well and the girls are receiving their education. As well as visited their schools and met the teachers. Exchanged ideas and verbal reports given about each child.

Collected School reports, progress reports and certificates of the girls we sponsor.
Photos of activities are brought back to the U.K to show our supporters. The Overseas Coordinator, Mrs. Ene, visited the U.K and joined in the meeting of the Standing Committee to give her progress report of work undertaken.

Christmas party was held for children to mark the successful end of our 2nd year of operation. Second hand goods were distributed to the girls and to other poor people in the local community.

Overseas Visit at 2007

Carried by air (par kind concession granted by Virgin Atlantic Airlines) second-hand goods- books, clothes, toys shoes etc donated to EFIG's use and the rest, distributed to the deprived in the community.

We held a meeting and organised a workshop on good letter writing in preparation of exchanging letters with pen pals in the U.K.