Education for Indigent Girls (EFIG) in Africa


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We are Charity that is working for the education and eventual elimination of poverty among girls in Africa. Until the girl children receive education, they will still be poverty-stricken like their parents and we cannot MAKE POVERTY HISTORY, despite OUT efforts.

The "EDUCATION FOR INDIGENT GIRLS (EFTG) IN AFRICA" has put some girls from very poor backgrounds in schools. This project was possible only due to the donations and humanitarian goodwill of people like you in the U.K.

As the festive season arrives, these poor children would he expecting Christmas gifts like any other children in the world! We are therefore planning a Christmas party to give them some fun and presents.

To raise fund for their education we would raffle some valuable gifts donated by firms like yours.

If you find it in your heart to bring happiness to the bleak lives of these poor girls this Christmas, please make a contribution towards their Christmas get-together either in cash or in kind for our raffles.

Please make cheques payable to EFIG and / or send valuable goods for raffles to:

The Reverend David Brammer; All Saints Vicarage; Elm Road, Baling Common; London W5 JH.

Our team of volunteers are at hand to organise the Christmas fair and party for the recipients of our charity.

May the Lord bless you abundantly with bumper Christmas sales and we send you our seasonal,  greetings.

Your truly
Rev. David Brammer
The Rev. David Brammer (Chairman)
Gladys Simeon
Ms. Gladys Simeon LL. B (Hons)
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Presented by the Director and Founder
Education for Indigent Girls (EFIG) in Africa



Dr Christine M Cottam
One Birley St
Leigh Lancashire WN71JU


EFIG (Education for Indigent Girls) in Africa

I appreciate the demands upon Elected Members' time (and pockets.) Nevertheless I should like to introduce this organisation to you. At a recent conference on the future of education in the borough questions were raised about girls' education. EFIG offers a chance of joining in the international effort to promote education of girls in Africa.

In many parts of Africa education is neither free nor compulsory. Boys are preferred
in family life and all effort made for their education, whereas girls in the main are groomed for marriage. If unsupported or they become homeless they are very vulnerable. Work for them means labouring long hours, often in hazardous and injurious occupations, for low wages or simply their keep, accelerating exposure to exploitation and disease.

Education and decent employment breaks the poverty cyde which plagues Africa.
Your sponsorship of a destitute girl's education, or one-off donation towards it, helps her continue in school or even attend for the first time. Just 10 monthly pays for a girl's school fees, uniform, medical attention, daily meal, books, examination and certificate fees, 'holiday school' treats and outings and helps defray administrative costs and volunteers' expenses.

EFIG (a charitable organisation recognised by the Charity Commissioners) co-
ordinates such a scheme for poor girls in Africa aged four to 16 (longer if they are specially gifted or talented.) Accounts are strictly kept and records maintained. Overheads are mini-mal as the organisation operates in conjunction with All Saints Church in Ealing, whose Vicar is the Chair. EFIG's Founder and Director, Mrs Gladys Simeon, is known to me personally. A former Barrister, she has represented her country at the UN.

Sponsors receive yearly progress reports of the giri whose education they sponsor
and may write to her c/o EFIG in Africa. Please make a one-off donation or pledge sponsorship of the education of a giri living in poverty. You could do this by yourself or jointly, for as much as you like or as long as you like, and till the giri is 16 or further. Simply knowing that someone minds enough to care makes a difference to the life of a child.

Please contact Mrs Gladys Simeon LLB on 020 8567 1638, write to the project office
at "EFIG in Africa" One St Mary's Court, St. Mary's Rd. Ealing London W5 5EZ or email for more information. I sponsor a giri myself.

Yours truly,

Christine M Cottam