Education for Indigent Girls (EFIG) in Africa


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How “Education for Indigent Girls in Africa” (EFIG) started

Gladys Simeon

As an African woman lawyer and an educationist, I know the tremendous impact a sound education played and still playing in my entire life. For a start, I was able to earn a relatively good income that enabled me live a decent life. I acquired a wealth of knowledge not only in law but in other unrelated matters.

Being a member of various professional bodies afforded me the opportunities of travelling worldwide for conferences, seminars etc. For instance, my specialist training as a teacher, took me to Advanced Teacher Training College in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia.

My work in the United Nations during the Decade for Women (1976-1985) took me to live in New York for a spell and to travel to Copenhagen in 1980 for Mid Decade conference to review the progress.

I was involved in the third Committee drafting the Code of discrimination against women and in the sixth Committee that dealt with the education of children Documents emanating from both Committees were ratified and adopted by the Government on account of my reports.

Touching on exposure to positions of responsibility, it must be noted that education and experience are the keys that pin down such offices and produce good results. This was my observation when I was the headmistress of a Girls' school and also taught in the Training College, my first Alma mater. HAVING SPENT THE MOST PART OF MY LIFE WORKING & TRAINING IN EDUCATION & LAW, I AM ACUTELY AWARE OF THE BENEFITS TO IMPOVERISHED GIRLS AND THE VALUE OF EDUCATION IN ITS ABILITY TO HELP ERADICATE POVERTY, MOTIVATE ONE TO ACHIEVE HER POTENTIALS, SHAPE THE COURSE OF A NATION ETC


This indisputable fact is the main reason why I implement my vision of promoting the education of poor African girls who otherwise will be left behind while boys are culturally preferred for education, care of their future welfare and development.

I want to give back what I have been blessed with-a good education,. This will eradicate the spiral poverty that plagues most African girls and their families. The world will also be a better and a happier place if poverty is reduced or better still, made history and also remember that “A nation does not rise above her womanhood” They are both at the same level.; Therefore a woman's education is important for the rise of the nation.

Above all, as Christians we are enjoined to care for the poor... Psalm 41 verses 1-3 for “those who considereth the poor”

Please donate to enable EFIG assist girls in Ghana who are too poor to finish the last hurdle of their education, subsequently earn a living and be free of poverty.

EFIG strives to combat poverty through education..

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Many thanks
Gladys Simeon LL.B
EFIG Founder and Chairperson.